Eliteware's Products

About the Owner

 Micheal Headley was born in Dallas, and has been a resident of Royse City all of his life. He founded Eliteware Systems on the 10th day of May, 2006; Just a few weeks before his early graduation from Royse City Bulldog Academy.

The Residents of Eliteware Systems.

Micheal's First Lion's Meeting.

From the Owner

 I started out in my home at 15 years young. Just figuring stuff out, taking computers apart and getting familiar with them. I learned from trial and error, and got some help from a few friends, and online videos along the way when questions arose. I decided that with the knowledge I gained it was time to start my own little business so I filed for a Sales Tax Permit, and DBA May 10th, 2006.

Transforming Eliteware

 It wasn't until 2011 that I Finally opened a store front, and started doing a lot more marketing. We had our grand opening on April 30th, 2011 with live music, and a PC Demo. I decided that I
needed to add a few things to our sales and services, so I included Home Entertainment Installations, small home and office networking, and selling a few new items like our Xbox 360 accessories, and our colored HDMI cables (We are the only merchant in Rockwall county who has them).

The Office of Eliteware.

About our Company

 As a company, We want all of our customers to be satisfied. Our company has achieved a lot since we started and have made a lot of people happy. We would love to help you with your computer needs too! So contact me for Elite assistance and I will be sure you are 100% satisfied!

A Message from the Company

We insist that everyone understand, we offer ONLY Quality Elite Service. We do the best we can to  be timely, but we care more about longer lasting results. All of our work is Guaranteed. No more paying three times for one repair. We believe in Service with a smile. Our Company is all about being professional with a touch of personality. 

Ties to the Community

We are proud members of the Royse City Lion's Club and are stoked at having the privilege to help the local community. We enjoy touching the hearts of those who are in need. The Lion's Club has shared great joy with the headstart class,

participated in adopt and highway, and reaching overseas to support our troops with Care Packages. We enjoy seeing the smiling faces of those who receive the help that deserve it. It is important to the Lion's Club and Eliteware Systems that our community's needs are met.

Send us an Email if you have any questions, concerns, comments, complaints, complements, or suggestions. Or send us an email requesting to be placed on our email list, if you would like to be notified of our upcoming sales.